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Creations representing more than just a moment.

We Are a Young & Creative
Production Company

Fabbri Productions is a production company dedicated to telling your unique story. Whether that is capturing an interview, photographing a special event, making a commercial, or a music video, we will showcase your adventure, and your success. Our services include filmmaking, photography sessions, graphic designs, editing, and more.

What We Do

Lauren Fabbri Final Order 2020-Lauren Fa
Lauren Fabbri
Digital Producer

Who We Are

I am a passionate creator committed to telling your story. I discovered my love for filmmaking and production my freshman year of high school, and have witnessed the importance of collaboration. I have experienced directing live production shows (musicals, lectures, talent show, etc.), capturing sports games, working with non-profit organizations, and filming in the professional world, and this is why I do what I do. I love connecting with so many people whether I am creating a commercial, conducting an interview, or photographing them and their business, being able to touch and witness the livelihoods of so many people is inspiring. This is what motivated me to create my own production company so that I can work with all ages to tell their life story and what makes them unique. Through my company, I want to be able to tell diverse stories of success and identity. Working locally allows me to collaborate with people in my community on a deeper and more meaningful level. I establish these relationships so that we are able to work with each other to help each other grow in a supportive environment. I am currently attending Arizona State University studying Marketing Digital and Integrated Communications with focuses towards social media marketing. I am currently located in Phoenix and Tempe area in Arizona, looking forward to branching out to new people and new businesses. 

I offer services both in person and remote for filmmaking, photography, and social media consulting and creation! 

"Having the power, privilege, and resources to share people's stories is something I will never take for granted." 

Our Clients


"Not only did Lauren make me feel comfortable but she is a breeze to work with! I had so much fun, so did my client and assistants. Her knowledge and easy going personality makes you feel like you’re being interviewed by a long time friend. The videos she made me are fantastic and the response I’ve received have been that she captured me so naturally, and made the overall feel so inviting. I’m so excited to work with her again in the future, and will always be grateful for her beautiful work she did for me this year."

- Serena Hughes 
My Shutterbug Photo
"Working with Lauren was an absolute breeze. She comes prepared to fulfill your vision and does not rest until she does! She is mature beyond her years and made my clients and me feel so comfortable around her. The best part- she listens. I can’t wait to use her services again!"
- Aruna Sundaram
The Lash Shrink
"Lauren is amazing to work with and completely professional. She found out our exact needs, and produced a video we were proud to share with the world. Lauren has a fabulous talent for finding key areas to highlight and bringing those to the forefront in the production. Thank you!"

- Nicki Southerland
Gratitude Generation

Contact Us

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(224) 401-9041

Serving Chicagoland and  Phoenix Suburban Area

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Getting to know you as a person, company, and client is our top priority. Then, we discuss the project and plan out your session. We will always be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.


You need to be comfortable during the production and that's what we are here to help with. We want the production environment to be friendly and allow you to be yourself. Execution is key and we will take the time to make sure everything is the highest quality.


Creating the final product is the most rewarding step as we see the journey come together. We promise to take the time and give our best effort to make sure your project is in its finest glory. Your happiness and satisfaction is important to us.

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